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Welcome to Urban Perspective. We are a community driven book club where you get to share your reading experience with other passionate readers like yourself.

When you’ve found a book you quite enjoyed, sharing your experience feels very nice. We like to have such moments. Every month. We meet on the second Saturday of every month. You can join our whatsapp group link here.

Urban Perspective Website

Well, some random dude challenged us(the Librarian ;) ) to come up with a fun and nerdy way to run a community website, so here we are.

This website is powered by Jekyll and uses the amazing Minimal Mistakes Jekyll theme. You can find the source files at upbookclub.github.io.

You do not need to know HTML or any programming language to be able to contribute. However, you do need to know a little bit of how GitHub works.


Non Developer

  1. Sign up for a GitHub account.
  2. Fork our repository
  3. Using your browser, navigate to /_data/authors.yml/. Edit that file by adding your details(Instructions are written). Create a Pull Request.
  4. Using your browser, navigate to ‘/_post’. Create your new post here. Note the post should follow the following format: YY-MM-DD-name-of-post.md. Create a Pull Request for your post.

Once your Pull Request has been resolved, your post will appear on the website.


  1. Ensure you have ruby and rubygems installed in your system.
  2. Install jekyll by running
    gem install jekyll
  3. Fork/ Clone our repository
  4. Run bundle exec jekyll server to spin-up your site. Visit http://localhost:4000/ on your browser to see the site.

Blog Workflow

If you’re interested in writing a blog post for the website, you need to:

  1. Fork the upbookclub.github.io repository.
  2. Create an Author’s entry in the /_data/authors.yml directory which contains your details.
  3. Write a blog post using Markdown in the content directory
  4. Make a pull request against the master branch

Have fun

Need some help?

If you have any questions, drop by Urban Perspective Book Club. If you have trouble with your setup, you can get help by creating an issue.


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